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As a global leader in technology research and strategic consulting, Athene Softech provides accurate, reliable and trusted research, custom consulting and personalized one-to-one client interaction encompassing all areas essential to business success.

Athene Softech Consultants is a conglomerate of consulting practices across verticals with its operational offices in India, Australia, Malaysia & Bangkok.

One Stop ICT framework reduces time to market for deployment & monitoring of investment and revenue driven infrastructures with precise positioning of locations, both static and dynamic in nature, improving revenue and profitability to organizations.

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One Stop Center Solutions which meet your technology needs

    Global Partners

    We offer high-end technology solutions and consulting services in collaboration with our internationally recognized partners. We are an entry point for collaboration with public and private sectors which induct global professional talents.

    One Stop Center Service

    We ensure customer satisfaction and add value to their overall business objectives.

    Transformation Consulting

    We enable development of applications and designing of solutions, not only to meet our clients’ specifications but also to comply with statutory and other industry-wide standards.

    Business Technology

    Where our services are designed to make technology work for our client’s business growth – to incrementally increase business and maintain a sustained competitive advantage in the global market.


    Our Customers 

    • Banking & Financial

      We provide high-end consulting to the Malaysian Banking Sector in areas such as Core Banking, Multi-Channel, Business Transformation, IT Service Management, Data Governance, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. We align to client needs based on geographical business needs and their regulatory requirements.

    • Telecommunication

      Our expertise in Supply Chain Management and billing has helped telecommunication and high-tech customers seamlessly integrate and deliver agile business product framework.

    • Oil & Gas

      We are continuously working in collaboration with partners to enhance our technical capability to provide our clients the best in technology-based projects such as refinery and petrochemical processes.

    • Healthcare

      We partner and provide medical information systems that is built on quality, easy accessibility to information with optimal performance and cost saving technology.

    • Retail

      We can help you manage the demands of your growth and change with Operations Management solutions that easily adapt and are customizable to meet the unique local business processes of your distributed operations.

    • E-Government

      As a company which is registered under the MOF (Malaysia), we offer various IT consultancy and implementation services for Government based projects.