Consultancy Services

Enterprise & Architecture (EA)

  • Enterprise & Architecture (EA) encompasses both business and technology along the width of an enterprise clearly defining the business inter-operations between various systems implemented through an effective IT Strategy. Our approach to EA is based on Open Group (TOGAF) and also practical implementation models based on our One Stop ICT frameworks, ensuring measurement of business value from IT.
  • We provide EA Roadmaps to cater for your business and technology needs.
  • We provide data modelling services as part of our Information Architecture offering.
  • Our domain expertise, will provide consulting in structured business processes and fine-tune domain models over a broad range of business environments, innovating and breaking new grounds for IT design and systems development, within its key-technology practice areas, across industries.

IT Strategy & Operation Model

  • Our approach is based on fundamentals of business imperatives leading towards defining business capability driving the need for IT Strategy. We have a One Stop ICT model based on strategic capability network and finite domain framework to achieve an approach and roadmap for IT to adopt.
  • This ensures alignment of IT to enable beyond just business support. As a part of IT Strategy we provide a current assesment of IT Landscape and head map.
  • The infrastructure and deployment model including definition of needed data centers are apart of our foot print we deliver to our clients.

IT System Modernization

  • As a part of our IT Strategy based on system head map and target EA, we evaluate options for re-engineer vs re-build or replace. The theme to re-engineer provides for modernizing as a concept to ensure effective returns on invested infrastrcuture. Athene Softech helps you to create a path to modernization that considers your company’s Ecosystem—People, Processes, Tools and Technology.
  • Enterprise Architecture Consulting including IT Strategy and System Modernization enable banks to build business technology strategies in alignment with their business goals with One Stop ICT agile and next generation approach.

Program Management Services

  • We bring experienced and certified individuals in Program Level Management, Project Management, Project Coordination, Test Management, Quality Management and Issue Management.
  • We offer options of services together with management applications for our services above.
  • We offer options on trainings on these management applications for our clients.

Business Value Services

  • One Stop ICT ensures our clients invest in technology to regularly upgrade its current infrastructure and network operations, while strategically enabling revenue critical business processes. These investments aid in improving employee productivity, monitoring, enhancing client delivery and ensuring market competitive results. Being ahead of the technology curve has resulted in One Stop ICT model being uniquely capable to define and meet clients’ business demands while helping them to gain a competitive advantage in an uncompromising business environment.
  • We have a team of experts in providing Business Process Re-engineering and Modelling services.

Data Governance & Master Data Management

  • We offer consultation services on corporate-wide Data Governance Framework implementation and execution which addresses issues on Data Quality, Data Security and Data Management.
  • Master Data Management services which includes gap assessments and MDM modelling with our Information Architecture experts.