Technology Solutions

Our Offerings

Data Warehouse Solutions
  • We collaborate with the best technology solutions and offer our Information Modelling services for your enterprise data warehouse and BI solutions integrated with your existing systems.
  • Together with our partners, we offer 360 degree view of your customers and business, and time-to-market decision making BI and Reporting solutions.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Solution
  • Change your experience and management in servicing with our ITSM solutions. Teaming up with the best-of-the-breed product specialist, we offer you a holistic and valuable solution with measurable metrics, clear and simple process flows, and processes aligned to your requirements.
  • We offer a configurable and extensible ITSM platform radically redesigned to meet the needs of any transformative IT organization.
  • Increase value with a complete, integrated IT Operations Management (ITOM) solutions.
  • Deliver a friction-free user experience.
  • Ensure rapid, risk-free service delivery with built-in best practices in a proven platform.
  • Dashboards and reports give real-time performance statistics to understand service trends and provide better business support.
  • Excellent and experienced delivery and support team which is locally based to assist you to have an excellent service experience.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance

GRC is a discipline that aims to synchronize information and activity across governance, risk management and compliance in order to create efficiency, enable more effective information sharing and reporting and avoid wasteful overlaps… GRC typically encompasses activities such as corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with applicable laws and regulations.” [source: Wikipedia]

  • Together with our partners, Athene offers GRC consultation and implementation with a global leader product in GRC in Malaysia.

BIG Data and Data Analytics

Do you have a problem getting your analysis right, be it financial, market risk, customer, sales or your management scorecards?

Do you have a data warehouse and a BI tool but simply feel you are not getting the best out of it in terms of analytics?

Moving towards Big Data analytics?

  • Well, we have just the right solution for you from a complete BI Big Data analytics suite to simply managing your analytics as a service, tailored to resolve your analytical problems.